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FAA Certified Flight Instructors and Part 107 Training Preparation

 150+ years of Aviation and UAS Experience

Drone Consulting Services:

Drone Consulting Services, Credit: Stock PhotographyAs a transformative technology, drones have applications in almost every industry. With drone technology rapidly advancing and drone regulations frequently changing, maintaining expert-level knowledge is a full-time job. As drone educators, staying abreast of the industry is a requirement. Our staff has spent hundreds of hours working with various combinations of drone hardware and software and are constantly reviewing new drone technologies. It’s this deep understanding that we can offer your next drone project.

If you are considering integrating drones into your or are looking forward to optimizing or improving your existing integration, we can help. Our team of drone/UAV experts can work with you or your company on either an hourly* or project basis, making it easy to work within the scope of your budget. We can be reached via email at info@droneuniversities.com or by phone at 1 (866) 643-8709.

1. Drone consulting services rates vary between $250/hr to $350/hr.

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Offering Commercial Drone and FAA Part 107 UAS Training in a City Near You. FAA Compliant Curriculum Taught by FAA Certified Flight Instructors. Developed by Pilots for Pilots.

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