PLOS One (stylized PLOS ONE, and formerly PLoS ONE) is a peer-reviewed open access scientific journal published by the Public Library of Science (PLOS) since 2006. When you choose to publish with PLOS, your research makes an impact.

PLoS ONE | Citations: 332,716 | PLoS ONE features reports of primary research from all disciplines within science and medicine. PLoS Clinical Trials Vols. Sharing your research design also increases the credibility and reproducibility of your results and helps address publication bias. empty. Registered Reports combat publication bias. schnelle Lieferung. News and research from PLOS ONE. Eine wesentliche Besonderheit ist, dass die Zeitschrift alle Wissenschaftsbereiche abdecken möchte. Make your work accessible to all, without restrictions, and accelerate scientific discovery with options like preprints and published peer review that make your work more Open. Mitglied im bevh. PLOS ONE ensures the highest standards of quality and openness for the content it publishes and boosts speed to publication by eliminating subjective assessments of significance or scope to focus on technical, ethical and scientific rigor. A collection of free training and resources for peer reviewers of PLOS journals—and for the peer review community at large, drawn from research and interviews with staff editors, … Unser Service. Preregistration enables research assessment to begin where your science starts. Preregistration options are now available on PLOS ONE and PLOS Biology. Based on the Journal Acceptance Rate Feedback System database, the latest acceptance rate of PLoS ONE is 60.3%. PLOS ONE (bis Mitte 2012 PLoS ONE) ist eine internationale Online-Fachzeitschrift der Public Library of Science (PLOS). Preis - Auswahl übernehmen ... EHI geprüfter Online-Shop. Welcome to the PLOS Reviewer Center Everything you need to write a peer review right now. Discover amazing music and directly support the artists who make it. Beratung durch Fachpersonal. PLOS ONE aims to publish all valid research. Ploss Gartentische. PLOS ONE sat down with John List of the University of Chicago to discuss his research, and the adoption of Open Access and open data in his field. Filteroptionen .

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The definition of journal acceptance rate is the percentage of all articles submitted to PLoS ONE that was accepted for publication. 2 2007: v.2(1) 2007 Jan: v.2(2) 2007 Feb: v.2(3) 2007 Mar: v.2(4) 2007 Apr: v.2(5) 2007 May: v.2(6) 2007 Jun: Vol. 1 to 2; 2006 to 2007; Vol. Sicher bezahlen mit SSL-Verschlüsselung.

LOCKSS Archive. 13/04/2020 Serie Rocking. Status Publisher Keeper From To Updated Extent of archive; In Progress. Ploss Gartenbänke. PLoS ONE indexed by Web of Science January 5, 2010 By Mark Patterson In the News PLOS ONE Today we learned that by the end of this week PLoS ONE (in keeping with all other PLoS journals) will be indexed by the Web of Science – this is an important literature discovery tool that many people use and so we are pleased to be indexed. ab 75€ kostenloser Paketversand.


PLOS ONE welcomes original research submissions from the natural sciences, medical research, engineering, as well as the related social sciences and humanities, including: -Primary research that contributes to the base of scientific knowledge, including interdisciplinary, replication studies, and negative or null results.

Serie New Orleans. Serie Rabida. Folgen Sie Uns. Information about the open-access journal PLoS ONE in DOAJ. DOAJ is an online directory that indexes and provides access to quality open access, peer-reviewed journals. Registered Reports help us deliver on that mission with increased clarity for prospective authors, and greater peer review transparency, earlier in the research process.

über 400.000 zufriedene Kunden. Public Library of Science.

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