AEXO Aerial Exoskeletons Are Safe To Touch

///AEXO Aerial Exoskeletons Are Safe To Touch

AEXO Aerial Exoskeletons Are Safe To Touch

First time drone pilots and experienced pilots alike share a fear, crashing. At some point, it’s going to happen, it’s just a question of how much damage will it cause. Will it be a catastrophic failure thanks to chimpanzees, kangaroos, angry neighbors, water damage or something else altogether?

The aexo team believes they have a solution. They want to protect your drone, using their aerial exoskeleton or aexo. If you ask the aexo team, they believe they have the:

The world´s most touchable and protective drone! Frees your way of flying and working with your drone!

The aexo works by encasing the propellers in a lightweight, exoskeleton. Without damaging motor/blade performance, the aexo protects your propellers from lateral contacts and protects people from your propellers.

Placing the propeller in a system that not only protects the propeller from lateral contacts, but protects people much better from the propellers! Over five years, we have developed various measures and there are extensive patent applications that protect all the valuable insights of our practical experience.

We are now in the era of drones. Witness the dawn of a new type of flying system, the aexo protector drone and the aexo motocross drone. Help us make 2015 the year of a new generation of drones. Become one of the first supporters or owners of this revolutionary flying system!

All innovations are patent pending.

An aexo enhanced drone, according to the manufacturer, can fly through new routes and pass by obstacles freely and confidently.

Fly new routes – discover new possibilities – freely pass by obstacles!  An entirely, newly conceived multi-copter frame made of high quality aluminum. Completely lightweight in a never-before-seen shape. Attention to detail and high-precision laser-cut systems help make this construction a reality. Made in Germany!

Is the aexo really the “the world´s most touchable and protective drone?” Ask the UAS Directions team, developers of the droplet, and I’m confident you will receive another answer.



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