Drone Video: Airgonay – “FPV (First-person View) Racing In France”

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Drone Video: Airgonay – “FPV (First-person View) Racing In France”

FPV Racing drone racing star wars style Pod racing are back!

Alright folks, ahead of time I apologize as some quotes have been machine translated by Google Translate. Since I don’t speak Norwegian, I appreciate Google stepping in to help. I stumbled on this video, originally on a Norwegian website, so here it goes. This video features some extreme FPV piloting.

(On a side note, even though originally I located this video on a Norwegian website, sniik.no, the video itself is in French with English subtitles. Pretty awesome.)

Here is what the sniik.no team had to say (translated by Google Translate) about the video:

This, folks! THIS IS TOUGH! Imagine Wipeout and Star Wars Pod racing with Oculus Rift. Then we Drone Racing Live. In France, the group Airgonay started something that is going to be very! You just have to watch the video and try to follow in the turns. SNiiK survives even the French language in the video. So cool is that !!

Drone Racing

Luckily, for those readers who are still with me, can read this quote from Maker Faire:

If you thought just flying a drone was challenging, try racing them through a wooded area

Flying drones such as hexacopters or even quadcopters can be a challenge but imagine the skill needed to fly those drones through obstacles and it becomes a completely new ballgame. Crashing those drones can be devastating considering most of them run a few hundred bucks or more and are designed as put-together kits almost like professional RC vehicles.

Knowing the risks associated with flying through obstacles, some professional drone enthusiasts from the Airgonay club in the French Alps designed a three-lap track to race drones through. It’s almost reminiscent of the pod racing scene in Star Wars Episode I or better yet the scene in Episode VI with the speeders racing on the moon of Endor.

Star Wars Pod Racing, Using Drones

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