An Affordable, Light-weight Thermal Imaging Camera For Your Drone

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An Affordable, Light-weight Thermal Imaging Camera For Your Drone

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FLIR Corporation, long known for the manufacture of a broad line of electro-optical and thermal imaging systems for everyone from the Military and Law Enforcement, right down to the average smartphone user, has announced VUE. A miniature Drone Friendly version of their popular Quark line of Camera systems, the VUE provides easier integration of thermal sensors for Drones in what I would suggest would be the 450 mm and larger classes of Multi Rotors as well as fixed-wing platforms. A list of features such as multiple lens options, Mini USB connection, 5 Volt DC power in and Analog Video out, make this easy to integrate system a no-brainer for applications requiring a thermal sensor. Add to this FLIR’s reputation for reliability and a price starting at under $1500, and it appears the VUE is poised to dominate the thermal imaging market in the sUAS community.

Here is a video from AUVSI 2015 featuring the FLIR Vue:


Dave Lee walks us through the newly announced FLIR VUE, an easy to integrate thermal camera for drones! Learn more at


According to FLIR themselves:

Introducing FLIR Vue™ –  Easy, Affordable Thermal Imaging for Commercial sUAS

With FLIR Vue you get all the thermal imager you need for sUAS operations without having to pay for functionality you’ll never use.

Pre-configured to give you optimal imagery in a wide variety of conditions, FLIR Vue is light enough that it won’t throw off your center of gravity or impact your flight times. With simple power-in and video-out connections, it’s easy to integrate and get flying on just about any platform.

Best of all, with MSRPs of only $1,499 for 336 resolution cameras and $2,999 for 640 cameras, FLIR Vue is affordable for today’s commercial sUAS operations.

Introducing FLIR Vue™

FLIR is taking orders now, so if you need thermal imaging for your drone project, check out FLIR. For more information, you can contact FLIR direct by calling (866) 667-7732.

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About the Author:

Matt Elyash is an instructor for Drone Universities, and has been a pilot since Gerald Ford was in office. A Retired Naval Aircrewman with 24 years of experience in advanced sensor operations for maritime surveillance, he saw the potential of this technology and has been flying fixed wing and multirotor sUAVs actively for over three years.