Austin Haughwout Back In Court, Now Expelled From CCSU

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Austin Haughwout Back In Court, Now Expelled From CCSU

Austin Haughwout Police Photo

Austin Haughwout Police Photo

It seems like Austin Haughwout can’t stay out of trouble (and can’t stay out of the media). In this latest chapter of the Haughwout sage, Austin is suing Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) for expelling him on what he considers to be trumped-up charges. (If you missed any of the previous chapters, be sure to check out this search or this detailed overview of events.)

The drone-flying Clinton teen who became an Internet sensation when he equipped his machines with a handgun and a flamethrower is suing Central Connecticut State University, claiming the school expelled him on trumped-up charges because of the national media coverage surrounding his hobby.

The suit, which names three administrators and a campus security officer, was filed Monday in Superior Court in New Britain. Austin Haughwout, 19, is also asking to be reinstated as a student at the university.

“The university acted solely due to the YouTube videos that had been posted and the controversy that had been created by the notation or the prospect that a person could take a homemade drone … and weaponize it,” said Jon L. Schoenhorn, Haughwout’s attorney. “And for those reasons alone …

[Haughwout] was permanently expelled from that institution.”

Drone-Flying Teen Files Lawsuit Against CCSU Over Expulsion

Is this an anti-Austin vendetta? Is this a larger conspiracy? I can’t answer those questions, however I can answer “Is this the last we will hear about Austin?” The answer to that question is, at least in my opinion, “No.”

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