Australia’s Underground Drone Racing Leagues Go Legit

///Australia’s Underground Drone Racing Leagues Go Legit

Australia’s Underground Drone Racing Leagues Go Legit

Jenny Ryall of Mashable covered the underground drone racing scene in Australia in her article “The underground world of drone racing in Australia.” I’ve posted before about FPV drone racing being the sport of the future before, so it should be no surprise that after reading Jenny’s article, I had to add my own commentary. What does drone racing look like in Australia? In the UK, drone racing leagues are popping up but they are focused on outdoor racing. In Australia, drones race in urban courses such as go-cart tracks, farms and warehouses reach speeds of up to 37 mph. Australian drone racing can draw crowds of up to 30 people attending race meets. In an attempt to add structure, the company QAROP has introduced the first legal drone racing league in Australia. Their drone racing league organizes meet-ups and race days for drone racing enthusiasts across the country.

There is an underground scene of drone racers in Australia, who are meeting up in rundown warehouses in the fringe suburbs of cities.

On June 6, a race was held in the old Bradmill Warehouse on the outskirts of Melbourne. The competitors — FinalGlideAus, Strepto, Daz, Covert and SD — have purpose-built quadcopters and wear specialised goggles allowing them to compete in the race from “first person view” (FPV).

Many of the drones, are “blinged” up with LED lights and accessories, making for a race of geeked-out, adrenaline-pumping goodness. And this scene is playing out across Australia.

A drone race, in a warehouse in Australia

The underground world of drone racing in Australia

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