BIKI the World’s First Bionic Unmanned Underwater Drone

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BIKI the World’s First Bionic Unmanned Underwater Drone

Drones have conquered the sky and now they aim to conquer the sea. I’ve covered a few underwater drones on this blog before (like OpenROVAquabotix and iBubble), but this is undeniably the cutest one to date. Why? The BIKI drone, from Robosea, was designed to look like a fish, and they did a pretty good job.

You can’t deny that it looks cute. The BIKI is the “world’s first bionic unmanned underwater drone,” or so says the company making it, Robosea.

Obviously the biggest difference between BIKI and other underwater drones is its physical shape and design. It looks like a fish, flappy fin and everything. They claim it will move through the water at over 1 mph, and do so very quietly. It automatically sets its own buoyancy and level, which is pretty clever. Built-in GPS returns it to you if it goes out of range. Using the camera (more on that later) it will avoid underwater obstacles.

BIKI Fish Drone Preview: The Drone That’s A Fish

Here is the BIKI in action:

This underwater drone has a 4K camera and swims like a fish

Meet BIKI, the underwater drone that swims like a fish.

The robofish comes equipped with an Ultra HD 4K camera and can dive up to 196 feet.

BIKI can be controlled via an app on your phone/tablet or by using its waterproof remote when you’re submerged in water with the robot.

The bionic design of BIKI won’t spook other fish, so it can also be used to document underwater sea life.

BIKI has been fully funded on Kickstarter and can be bought for around £461.

This underwater drone has a 4K camera and swims like a fish

If you’d like to support BIKI and pre-purchase your underwater drone, then head over to their KickStarter page.

Robosea LogoAbout Robosea

Boya Gongdao (Beijing) Robot Technology Co., Ltd. (Robosea) is an entrepreneurial technology company focusing on highly-precise technology development, which mainly engages in R&D of underwater robot and automation equipment, as well as robotic technology training and service. Existing self-developed products include: underwater unmanned aerial vehicle, biomimetic robot fish, water quality monitoring and pollution regulating robots, etc. The founder of the company is Dr. Xiong Minglei from intelligent control room of engineering Institute of Peking University, who develop industry-university-research cooperation with a R&D team consisting of doctors and masters.

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