Brushless Motors Are Coming To A Drone Near You

//Brushless Motors Are Coming To A Drone Near You

Brushless Motors Are Coming To A Drone Near You

Inside each and every drone out there, you’ll find motors; motors that are used to spin the props and give your drone the lift needed to fly. Historically speaking, brushless drones or drones that used brushless motors were cost prohibitive. Why?

Brushless DC motors have many advantages over their brushed DC motor counterparts. The most obvious advantage of a brushless motor is its lack of brushes and physical commutator. This difference means that there are many fewer parts that can wear out or break and need to be replaced than in a brushed motor.

Brushless Motors – Why Brushless Motors? – NMB

That’s why it’s exciting to see, as technology continuously improves, the cost of brushless drones coming down. Consider the Aurora 100 from Eachine.

Brushless quadcopters are becoming more affordable and the Aurora 100 from Eachine is the latest in micro-class racing drones.

As an own brand product of BangGood, the Eachine Aurora 100 is the latest in a line of new brushless micro quadcopters.

However, unlike earlier models the Aurora 100 is fully kitted with inbuilt receiver, 4-in-1 flight controller and D-Shot speed controllers, it even includes a lost model alarm, and all within a compact and fairly light-weight form-factor.

Eachine Aurora 100 Burshless Mini Quad Unboxing & Review

Now you can be flying your very own brushless drone for under $230.

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