Child Recovers Submerged Drone In Looking Glass Falls, NC

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Child Recovers Submerged Drone In Looking Glass Falls, NC

Sullivan George recently discovered “lost treasure” while on a family trip to Looking Glass Falls, North Carolina. Sullivan spotted something underwater, then with the help of his father, they recovered a submerged drone that contained a working video card.

A local family found a drone while swimming at Looking Glass Falls recently.

“It was like finding a treasure!” Noah George said.

Noah George said his son, Sullivan, was swimming with goggles on when he spotted something underneath the sand.

“I said, ‘Dad, there’s something under water,'” Sullivan George said. “I asked my dad to take it out and it was a drone.”

They took out the memory card and were amazed to find that it still worked. The video on the card showed the drone crashing into a tree. They believe the video is from this winter. The family said they aren’t sure how the drone ended up in the water, but they think it may have fallen from the tree.

The family posted the video on Facebook, where it has had more than 20,000 views. Despite that, they haven’t been able to find the person who lost the drone.

“We’re hoping to find the original owner,” Noah said. “We’d love to give them their video back and the drone. I’d want my drone back!”

Boy finds drone while swimming at Looking Glass Falls

Even after 20,000 views, they still haven’t been able to find the rightful owner of the drone and video content. Kudos to the George family for doing the right thing and trying to find the original owner. I know I’d appreciate it if a good samaritan randomly returned a lost drone to me.

If you can help the George family as they attempt to return the drone, please do!

Looking Glass Falls, North Carolina, Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Looking Glass Falls, North Carolina

About Looking Glass Falls, North Carolina

The name comes from nearby Looking Glass Rock, which resembles a wintertime mirror (or “looking glass”) of sunlight, as water freezes on its sides and reflects the sun, and from the name of the stream from which the falls plunge, Looking Glass Creek.

The waterway is Looking Glass Creek, which flows through the Pisgah National Forest.

The falls are open to the public and are accessible on the side of U.S. Highway 276, approximately 5.6 miles north of the intersection of 276, U.S. Highway 64, and NC Highway 280 in Brevard, North Carolina. It is an extremely popular waterfall, due to ease of access to the falls directly on the side of the road. There is a path that leads to the plunge pool. During the winter when the falls freeze solid, they are popular Ice Climbing destination.

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