Choosing A Drone University

///Choosing A Drone University

Choosing A Drone University

It seems like everyone is getting into the drone training business these days. You can find online courses, video based courses, short form courses, multi-day training seminars and college level programs (both community and four year universities).

“This career, this field is growing astronomically fast. There is a lot of opportunity in it,” says James Record, the adjunct professor at the Dowling College School of Aviation who is leading the drone course. “It’s not just in aviation. It touches everything.”

You Can Now Get a College Minor in Drone Aviation

“This is the type of technology that is cutting edge, and there is a lot of potential that exists for unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, in the future,” Larry Hlavenka, Bergen Community College spokesman

Cleared for takeoff: NJ college gets federal permission to operate drones

With so many choices, it’s become even more important to decide wisely. When you invest in your drone education, you are investing in your future.

How should you decide? For many people it comes down to availability and economics, but those factors aside, what is the best choice? The answer is, it varies. It varies depending upon your career goals and timetables. Regardless of your personal drone career goals, you should always make sure your drone college has a valid Section 333 Exemption.

At Drone Universities, we created a curriculum designed to fast track you from a novice to a working professional. No, you can’t do this on-line and no you can’t complete our courses in just a few hours. However, we also don’t take semesters. You can enroll in our drone college, and in weeks, be ready to work commercially. From novice to professional, with a brand new, free DJI Phantom and a pending Section 333 Exemption, in just weeks.

If you are ready to jump start your drone career, then checkout our course schedule and enroll in a course near you.


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