Commercial Opportunities for Trained Drone Operators

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Commercial Opportunities for Trained Drone Operators

At Drone Universities, we’ve recognized the commercial opportunities that drones create for a while now. We’ve recognized these opportunities for the more than 3 years we’ve been providing high quality, low cost drone training to people just like you. That’s why I love articles like “Drone makers zero in on commercial opportunities” from Financial Times. Articles like this reflect the fact that drones have worked their way into mainstream culture; Today, being a drone operator, is a legitimate profession.

They have been used to shoot weddings, Hollywood movies and terrorists. But now drones, and their makers, are navigating a third path between hobbyists and warfare into the industrial world, threatening a shake-up of the burgeoning $6bn industry.

New uses for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), to give drones their technical name, are emerging almost daily: delivering packages, pizzas and blood; surveying mines; pre-emptive firefighting; even collecting whale snot to help conserve the mammals.

Drone makers zero in on commercial opportunities

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