Control Your Drone Using Your Mind

///Control Your Drone Using Your Mind

Control Your Drone Using Your Mind

Learning how to pilot your drone like an expert can be a difficult and even daunting process (that’s part of the reason drone colleges exist). To make things more complex, controls can vary between different craft. What if controlling your drone was as simple as thinking about it? Marvin Andujar and Chris Crawford, two University of Florida PhD students, have created a “mind-machine method” for drone control. Drone control using their technology is conceptually simple, an operator, using a electroencephalographic (EEG) Brain-Computer Interface device, thinks “forward” when they want to move their drone forward. Combined with FPV (First-person View) I imagine the experience must be immersive.

Two PhD students from University of Florida, Marvin Andujar and Chris Crawford, have built a mind-machine method to control a drone through a wearable electroencephalographic (EEG) Brain-Computer Interface device. The drone operates based on user’s cognitive commands. When the user thinks forward, the drone moves forward towards the direction it is facing. While the drone flies, the user is able to view the flight from FPV (first-person view) via a front-facing camera. This project originated in 2012 when both Andujar and Crawford started to pursue their PhD. They both joined forces as Crawford has a background in Human-Robot Interaction and Andujar’s research expertise is in Brain-Computer Interfaces. The idea originated when they both went to a mall and saw the commercial drone in a store. They both brainstormed and said lets make controlling the drone with our brain a reality. Their Parrot AR 2.0 drone has been equipped with an Epoc neuro headset and takes about 3 minutes of training to learn each maneuver.

“This project serves as the beginning of brain-machine control as a human-centric application”, says Marvin Andujar, who is also a member of our Neurogadget editorial team.

PhD students build brain-controlled FPV drone

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