Cozmogeek’s Two Part DIY Drone: MHQ2 Build-up

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Cozmogeek’s Two Part DIY Drone: MHQ2 Build-up

You might remember the name cozmogeek from an earlier post of mine, or you may already be familiar with cozmogeek because of his penchant for 3d printing. When browsing through instructables, I recently found another DIY 3d printed drone design he created. This time, he has put together an instructable that details how to build a smaller, FPV (First-person View) racing drone. (This isn’t his design, but rather, his instructable.)

I found this project on thingiverse and decided I had to give it a try. Hovership has created a 3d printable mini racer quadcopter called the MHQ2 and has posted the 3d printable STL files and even a nice build guide online for free. This copter was also featured in a recent issue of MAKE: Magazine. Enough people had already built these that the bugs are already worked out of it. The entire thing shouldn’t take more than a weekend of work. You could probably put it together completely in 1 day if you had everything ready to go.

Since the copter itself is very small it does not use very much filament. I printed the entire frame in about 2 days. A couple of the frame plates are very large however and I had to print at least one of them diagonally on my Ultimaker 2 in order for it to fit. There are also a lot of additional or remixed parts on thingiverse to suit different people’s needs.

The cost for this entire build (assuming you already have a radio controller) not including FPV camera gear, is about $225. Of course it’s always possible to spend more or less than that but that was the total for the components I chose.

Build your own 3D Printed Mini Racing Quadcopter

Similar to before, I’ve compiled the relevant YouTube videos here for your convenience.

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