Defining Commercial Drone Use

//Defining Commercial Drone Use

Defining Commercial Drone Use

What is commercial drone use? That’s a question that has to be sticky for Point Park’s School of Communication. Even with the best intentions, unless you recognize that any use of a drone that generates revenue either directly or indirectly requires a Section 333 Exemption, you are going to have problems getting clearance to fly your drone from the FAA.

When Point Park’s School of Communication purchased a drone aircraft in 2014, the head of the photography program believed it was a pioneering move that would push his students’ education to the forefront of media industry innovation.

Two years later, the drone remains grounded after a ruling that decided its use would be for commercial purposes, despite Point Park University’s status as a non-profit organization under federal law and its intent as strictly an educational tool.

Point Park’s Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Amy McCall, declined to be interviewed about the matter, but did confirm in an email on Feb. 4 that, “at this time, any use of a drone by the university is not considered to be for a hobby or recreational purpose.”

School of Communication’s Drone Remains Grounded Amidst Evolving Federal Regulations

Getting a Section 333 Exemption is just as important today as it was last week and the month before; it’s still the only legal way to fly commercially. If you plan generate revenue with your drone, then talk to a Section 333 expert or take advantage of Drone Universities’ free Section 333 Exemption services for qualifying graduates*.

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* To qualify for our free Section 333 Exemption services you must enroll in and successfully complete three Drone Universities courses.

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