Delivering Life-saving Drugs and Emergency Services Using Drones

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Delivering Life-saving Drugs and Emergency Services Using Drones

At a local Mesa, Arizona CBS affiliate, Lindsey Reiser wrote a short piece talking about drones and the potential use for emergency drug and service delivery mechanisms. Drones are not limited by traffic the way our first responders are; they can simply fly over it. They can quickly deliver drugs and some engineers are even considering drones as delivery mechanisms for complex electronic systems such as defibrillators.

Lindsey asks if I’d trust a drone to deliver life-saving medication and technology? I think it depends on the company behind the service. Today, the drone delivery brands of tomorrow are in their infancy, so I’m still unsure. However, if I was confident the service employed highly trained drone pilots and/or had sound autonomous delivery software, then yes, yes I would trust them. Krossblade Aerospace Systems, a local Mesa, Arizona company, has design capable of handling deliveries and it has some impressive specifications:

  • 65 miles an hour
  • 40 miles round-trip
  • $50 total cost of operation per 40 mile round-trip

I can imagine lots of situations where a drone like this could be the difference between life and death.

Mesa drone company wants to bring life saving medication to doorstep

Healthcare costs are soaring, and calling for an ambulance can break the bank. But would you trust an unmanned drone to deliver life-saving medication?

“Healthcare costs are expanding rapidly, much faster than flight, so anything that can be done to get them down will be very beneficial for many people,” said Daniel Lubrich with Krossblade Aerospace Systems in Mesa. He said their drone can travel 65 miles an hour, 40 miles round-trip, and for only $50. It can also able to carry anything weighing a pound or less.

“An EpiPen, for example, for people that have allergic reactions, insulin for a diabetic, possibly a small defibrillator,” Lubrich said.

Mesa drone company wants to bring life-saving medication to doorstep

For those keeping score, we have covered the Krossblade Skyprowler before, back in the product’s KickStarter days.

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