Do You Believe The FAA’s $5 Registration Is An Unfair “Drone Tax?”

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Do You Believe The FAA’s $5 Registration Is An Unfair “Drone Tax?”

FAA LogoSince December 21, 2015, the FAA has required all drone owners to register their non-commercial drones. While many drone owners were against the registration at the time, it still became the law of the land and a failure to register became punishable by fines and worse. Adding insult to injury in the eyes of many, the FAA instituted what they refer to as a “nominal fee” for registration.

Even organizations, like the Consumer Technology Association, involved in the creation of the registration system itself, have criticized the fee and some have gone as far as calling the registration fee an unfair “drone tax.”

The Arlington, Va.-based Consumer Technology Association, a member of the task force that helped set up the tracking system, criticized the expense.

“We appreciate the FAA’s decision to embrace many of the Task Force’s recommendations regarding a consumer drone registration system,” Douglas Johnson, the group’s vice president of technology policy, said in a statement. “However, we disagree with the decision to impose a five-dollar registration fee — a ‘drone tax,’ which will hamper registration and discourage compliance.”

Critics assail FAA ‘drone tax’

How do you feel now that you’ve been forced to fork over 5 of our hard-earned dollars to the FAA? Do you consider this an unfair “drone tax?”

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