Drone Fear Mongering From Marty Roney/Gannett

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Drone Fear Mongering From Marty Roney/Gannett

Marty Roney, File Photo

Marty Roney, File Photo

Reading through my daily collection of drone related articles, I saw something that stood out. Marty Roney of the Montgomery Advertiser wrote a fear mongering piece about drones. Now full disclosure, I am not a regular reader of the Montgomery Advertiser, but rest assured, I read this article from top to bottom.

The article starts like any other piece on drones, introducing them to the reader as if they’ve never seen or heard of a drone before. Very quickly, actually starting in the second paragraph, Roney establishes what type of journalist he is. He quickly calls first responders “rednecks” and then follows up with his opinion regarding a possible reimbursement.

Two weeks ago firefighters from Montgomery and Coldenham counties in New York used a fire house to swat a drone out of the sky. The firemen were battling a house fire, and noticed the buzzing object maneuvering overhead. The footage from the drone captured the dousing.

Gotta love firemen. Just goes to show you there are rednecks everywhere.

Now drone dude wants the fire companies to reimburse him for his broken toy. Yeah, right.

Roney wants to make sure he establishes himself as an unbiased author. He even mentions marveling at drone recorded footage. I don’t buy his line that he is unbiased, and the fact that he admits he has never even flown a drone makes me feel like he is uneducated on the subject.

I’m not against drones. Like hundreds of other folks, I have marveled at footage of the mill pond and gin shop in Prattville that was recently captured by a drone and posted on social media. But where does it end?

Now the article gets a little more interesting. Roney starts offering solutions to possible drone encounters that the readers may have.

I’m not familiar with the range of these things. But let’s say you own 500 acres and you notice a drone buzzing your herd of cows. I presume the “pilot” has to be close by. That’s trespassing, and it’s a good way to get shot out in the country.

The next bit is total fear mongering.

Let’s say you are hosting a swimming party at your home for your children’s friends. Dozens of teenagers having a good time. You hear a whine and notice a drone hovering overhead, cameras recording away. Man, the creeper van just got a major upgrade.

He closes his article recommending shooting drones out of the sky. Seriously?

But a Browning shotgun is just the thing for a drone buzzing the backyard.

Now you might be thinking, the Montgomery Advertiser, really? The Montgomery Advertiser is a Gannett company. Gannett owns USA Today. If you are curious to read more of Marty Roney’s articles, I created a Google search just for you.

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