Drone Instructable: aeracoop – “Flone 1.0”

///Drone Instructable: aeracoop – “Flone 1.0”

Drone Instructable: aeracoop – “Flone 1.0”

flone Airframe

flone Airframe

The “flone” is a DIY drone that uses your mobile phone for the “brains.” Phones are powerful, lightweight and contain the necessary sensors a drone normally has, such as GPS. Just like a most drones, you expect your phone to have a powerful camera, too.

Using a phone in the design has allowed the Aera team to minimize the number of additional components required. The flone requires:

  • Android smartphone
  • MultiWii/Arduino flight controller
  • Mini Power Distribution Board
  • DSM2 Controller
  • 4 Motors
  • 4 ESC
  • Battery

If you want to see a flone in action before you build your own, check out this video showing the (super short) maiden flight of the first flone.

Maiden flight de Flone

Here is a longer video, which looks more like a promotional video, but has some cool shots of the manufacturing process used to build the airframe.

Flone, The Flying Phone

About Aera

We are Aera, a cooperative project that is growing around the drones based on their use as a multidisciplinary tool. So far we have done activities have been related to the field of art and technology but we are also investigating the social and professional practices which may take. We are a group of people who come from different professional backgrounds and approach to work is very diverse, from projects topography or energy performance certificates for buildings to reforestation with release of seeds or flight protest banners, launch of poems from the air, aerial photography … and now Flône, a mobile flying. Flone is a project of art and technology that we developed in the artistic residence of the call Next Things 2013 LABoral Art and Telefónica I + D. The idea is based on the technology of the Drones and the use of mobile as a platform for flight control.

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