Drone Predictions For 2015-2019

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Drone Predictions For 2015-2019

The next 5 years for Drones, Colin Lewis

The next 5 years for Drones, Colin Lewis

iRobot and CyPhy Works co-founder, Helen Greiner, spoke at about the future of drones at last years DEMO conference. Was she right? Did she correctly predict drone industry growth in 2015?

According to Helen, 2015/16 would be all about protection and inspection. She predicted/predicts growth in:

  • Agriculture
  • Bridges
  • Cell Towers,
  • Military
  • Mining
  • Oil Rigs/Wind Farms
  • Public Safety
  • Wildlife

In many ways, she has been correct in her predictions. Artificial limitations, created by the FAA, are the biggest obstacles her predictions must overcome.

Helen Greiner who co-founded iRobot 14 years ago spoke yesterday at the DEMO conference. Helen is now the co-founder and CEO of CyPhy Works, a startup developing flying robots or drones (not quite Unmanned Systems) for industrial applications. In her brief DEMO Labs talk (see video below), Helen takes us through the next five years of drones — from hobbyist toys to industrial surveillance and retail delivery. Helen indicates: “The next wave of robots will be flying robots.”

As Helen says: “Anywhere it is hard to get eyes to the right places, that is a good job for drones”

DEMO Labs: Here Comes The Drones

The next 5 years for Drones

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