Drone Universities Training at RevTechX 2018

///Drone Universities Training at RevTechX 2018

Drone Universities Training at RevTechX 2018

RevTechX 2018

RevTechX 2018

In partnership with Public Sector Partners (PSP), Drone Universities offered four educational sessions at the very successful RevTechX 2018 event. The event was held over two days, May 16th and May 17th. Drone Universities was proud to offer educational courses along with companies like Intel and groups like the California Department of Toxic Substances Control.

At the event, Drone Universities covered:

If you missed the event, don’t worry, we have you covered. We cover all of the subject matter listed above, and lots more in our complete suite of drone training courses. At Drone Universities, we offer personalized, hands-on drone training taught by working industry experts.

About RevTechX 2018

Technology Innovation is moving at a relentless pace as breakthroughs occur almost daily in fields like Robotics, Nano Technology, Communications, and the Internet of Things. New methods of using these discoveries are showing up in Applications like Drones, Autonomous Vehicles, Virtual Reality, Cloud Computing, and Data Analytics. New methods of combatting Cyber Attacks using Machine Learning and increasing the speed of Operational Decision making using Artificial Intelligence are accelerating the pace in which the World works, and that Government needs to react.

This forum will focus on understanding the benefits, the applicability, the challenge of adoption, and the effective management of these disrupting technologies and the change that comes with them. By bringing together thought leaders from all facets of the Private and the Public Sector, this forum will create an opportunity for idea sharing, collaborative strategy development, and the creation of Communities of Interest. The goal will be to demonstrate these new ideas and capabilities, so Government can prepare to leverage them to better serve the People of California.

About PSP

PSP, Inc is a connector organization, defining the IT needs of California State Government Agencies, then finding and connecting the solutions.

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