Drone Video: Bernalwood – “Karl the Fog Rolling Over Twin Peaks”

///Drone Video: Bernalwood – “Karl the Fog Rolling Over Twin Peaks”

Drone Video: Bernalwood – “Karl the Fog Rolling Over Twin Peaks”

Karl the Fog Rolling Over Twin Peaks

The Bernal Heights hill and microwave tower.

The Bernal Heights hill and microwave tower.

Bernalwood or Bernal Heights is an area that lies to the south of San Francisco’s Mission District. The most prominent feature of Bernalwood is the open parkland and radio tower on its large rocky hill, Bernal Heights Summit. Bernal is bounded by Cesar Chavez Street to the north, San Jose Avenue to the west, US 101 to the east, and I-280 to the south.

SFGate describes Bernal Heights as a “quaint urban village.”

Many San Franciscans never travel to Bernal Heights, located as it is at the southern edge of the Mission valley, served by only a few city bus lines and perched atop a steep hill, to boot. Those who do wander up the incline may be surprised by this quaint urban village that seems forgotten by time. The main shopping strip of Cortland Avenue is populated by small markets, cafes, fruit stands and barber shops, and the residential streets are a cluster of diminutive bungalows and community gardens. However, Bernal Heights bears the influence of city sophistication, with trendy boutiques and innovative restaurants scattered among its homely storefronts.

San Francisco: Bernal Heights

Bernalwood has friends in high places, including Jedi drone pilot and videographer Eddie Codel, who recently shot this time-lapse drone footage of Karl the Fog from atop Bernal Hill.

The footage is so perfect you’ll hardly think it’s a time-lapse — until you notice all the cars zipping along at impossible speeds in La Lengua. Adjust video settings to HD, go full screen, and this is what it would look like if you had a penthouse suite in a Bernal Hill skyscraper.

Ace Drone Pilot Captures Breathtaking Fog Footage High Above Bernal Hill by Todd Lapin

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