Drone Video: FlyWorx LLC – “FlyWorx Aerial: Demo Reel 2015”

///Drone Video: FlyWorx LLC – “FlyWorx Aerial: Demo Reel 2015”

Drone Video: FlyWorx LLC – “FlyWorx Aerial: Demo Reel 2015”

FlyWorx Aerial: Demo Reel 2015

Aerial Cinematography for Television, Movies, Commercials, Music Videos and Industrial applications.

FlyWorx LLC is based in Atlanta, GA and provides aerial imaging services for wide verity of industries.


Panasonic GH4
DJI Phantom, Inspire 1, S900 & S1000

FlyWorx Aerial Demo Reel 2015 Drone UAV Footage

About FlyWorx LLC

FlyWorx is a leader in aerial video and photography services through use of new and cutting-edge technology: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) also known as drones. Our experience and technology provide you the client an unparalleled way to capture breathtaking images that could not be possible in the past!

FlyWorx provides turn-key solutions for companies and public entities looking to integrate Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) into their current workflows. We offer solutions for Commercial Industries, Public Safety Agencies, and the Department of Defense.

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