Drone Video: Fourth Dimension – “Spaciousness”

///Drone Video: Fourth Dimension – “Spaciousness”

Drone Video: Fourth Dimension – “Spaciousness”


‘Spaciousness’ explores the vast Făgăraș Mountains in Romania using a mix of timelapse photography and aerial cinematography.

All shot over a week in November 2014.

Behind the Scenes Video: vimeo.com/136604019

Footage is available for licensing at 1080p or 4K resolution. For professional enquiries please contact – info@fourthdimensionvideo.co.uk


Director & Editor – Jonny Maxfield
Producer – Loday Gonpo
Timelapse Photography – Jonny Maxfield
Aerial Cinematography – Loday Gonpo
Additional Footage – Ruica Cristian Gabriel
Location Managers & Support Team – Taschi Kandro, Kalzang Tenzin
Mountain Guide & Locations Consultant – Dan Chitila, Outdoor Activities in Romania – danchitila.ro

Music licensed through The Music Bed
Ryan Taubert – When Skies Speak
AJ Hochhalter – Father of Lights


Albina Mountain,Făgăraș Range, Romania, Classic Bucharest September 17, 2012

Albina Mountain,Făgăraș Range, Romania

About Făgăraș Mountains

The Făgăraș Mountains are a very popular hiking, trekking and skiing destination in Romania. In the vicinity of the Negoiu, and in the central part of the band take the rocky nature of the mountains, and reaching the main ridge trail there are technical difficulties and exposure. Somewhat difficult part of the trail is a “Three steps from the death” running the main ridge by ridge Custura Arpaşului the lake (in Romanian Lacul) Capra (2230 m). Also a bit challenging is one of the ways to Negoiu – Strunga Dracului. The most difficult section of the ridge Custura Sărăţii between Șerbota (2331 m above sea level) and Şaua Cleopatrei pass (2355 m). At the root of the fire is under Șerbota several meters of steel cable handrail, on the other part there are no artificial enhancements.

They are bordered in the north by the Făgăraș Depression, through which the Olt river flows, and in the west by the Olt Valley (Valea Oltului). Most people wanting to hike on the Moldoveanu leave from the town of Victoria, in other areas Făgăraș Mountains -Arpasu de Jos, Porumbacu de Jos, Avrig. Despite its name, Făgăraș, located 20 km to the north, is not the nearest town to the mountain range. Other important cities are Brașov and Sibiu.

A road called the Transfăgărășan runs across the Făgăraș Mountains. It is generally open only between June and September, due to unfavorable weather conditions in the rest of the year.

You can find many glacier lakes in the Făgăraș Mountains. Bâlea (2034 m, 46,508 m2, 11.35 m deep) is the largest lake. The highest lake is in the Hărtopul Leaotei glacial valley. The deepest glacial lake is Podragu (2140 m, 28,550 m2 15.5 m deep). Other lakes: Urlea (2170 m, 20,150 m2), Capra (2230 m, 18,340 m2).



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