Drone Video: Harrisen Howes – “Drone Rescue”

///Drone Video: Harrisen Howes – “Drone Rescue”

Drone Video: Harrisen Howes – “Drone Rescue”

I recently wrote about another drone save, in that article it was man saves drone, in this article its drone saves drone. Thanks Harrisen Howes for sharing. You really have to love the coat hanger hooks. 

Drone Rescue

Last week, my brother got a drone for his birthday. The first day he used it, it flew up over some treetops and ran out of battery. He never saw where it landed.

YouTuber Harrisen Howes has an elegant solution for out-of-reach drones: use another drone.

In this video, set to Hans Zimmer’s epic “No Time For Caution” from the Interstellar soundtrack, Howes uses the camera of his new, bigger drone to home in on his older drone, which got stuck on his neighbor’s rooftop two months ago. With hooks made from wire hangers, the new drone latches onto the old one, lifts it into the air and returns it to safety like Anne Hathaway rescuing Matthew McConaughey from an icy planet.

Watch This Guy Use a Drone to Rescue Another Drone

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