Drone Video: Jared Leisek – “Lighthouse Beauty”

///Drone Video: Jared Leisek – “Lighthouse Beauty”

Drone Video: Jared Leisek – “Lighthouse Beauty”

Jared Leisek captures some beautiful shots on a family trip in “Newport and Lincoln City, Oregon.”

Lighthouse Beauty – Aerial Video Captured with XP2 Quadcopter and GoPro

It used to be that on our Family trips, I’d be left with not much to do in the mornings since I’m an early riser and the family likes to sleep in. It’s no longer the case for now I’m either shooting or editing to share with the rest of you.

For this trip we were over in Newport and Lincoln City, Oregon with plenty of sights for me to grab some aerial video. I did tell the wife that I was not going to fly over any water, but that whole idea quickly went out the door as you can see about half my shots took place over the water.

Some of the sights were the old lighthouse at Yaquina Bay State Park, the lighthouse North of Newport at Yaquina Head, Mo’s in Lincoln City, the Steel Bridge in Newport and plenty of other sites.

While I do a lot of shooting from the air via powered paragliding, I finding that the XP2 Quadcopter is now a permanent fixture within my vehicle. I can simply grab it anytime I see a cool shot, which will later work in an edit.

The XP2 Quadcopter is the most powerful, lightest, and stable quadcopters for aerial video. The size and portability of the XP2 allows you to quickly transport, fly, and capture amazing aerial videos almost anywhere.

I hope this video inspires your imagination for what can be possible when you add aerial footage to your edits with something like the XP2 Quadcopter.

GoPro Hero2
Settings were 720/60
XP2 Quadcopter from XProHeli
Edited on Final Cut Pro X at 23.98 fps

I used no FPV (first person video) in any of these shots for they were 100% line of sight.

Lighthouse Beauty – Aerial Video Captured with XP2 Quadcopter and GoPro

Thanks Jared for sharing details about your aerial photography/videography drone. When I watch drone videos online, I’m often curious to know what equipment was used to capture the video.

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