DroneCloud Wants You To Run Your Drone Business On Their Platform

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DroneCloud Wants You To Run Your Drone Business On Their Platform

DroneCloud running on a tablet, Credit: DroneCloudThere is a new player in the drone data management space, DroneCloud. Like its competitors, DroneDeploy and Event 38, DroneCloud aims to simplify the management of drone data.

Tokyo-based Clue announced in November the launch of a data management service for drones called DroneCloud. The service will offer a platform to manage drone data, such as tracking who operates which drone, managing projects and team members operating drones, as well as managing and sharing drone flight data.

In the platform, the project management menu allows users to create and manage a project such as assigning drone managers and selecting which drone to use. The data management menu can store photos and videos taken from drones, as well as manage flight plans and other project information. The flight log menu records weather conditions, and where and when drones are being operated. The individual management menu manages model specs of drones used, records total flying hours, and maintenance status. The service is available for a monthly subscription fee of 9,800 yen ($80).

Japan’s DroneCloud aims to help businesses manage their drones

Services like DroneCloud are definitely useful. Let’s face it, if you fly commercially, then you are generating a lot of flight data, so anything helps.

DroneCloud Logo

DroneCloud Logo

About Drone Cloud

DroneCloud is a cloud-based platform dedicated to project information and data management of drones. It facilitates all your drone-related business by offering a simple cloud-based platform which lets you manage data captured by drones, create flight logs in your projects, and organize project information clearly. DroneCloud aims at providing a versatile tools used in any case where drones are used, such as airborne imagery or surveying for construction sites, inspection of infrastructure, disaster-relief, crop-spraying.

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