Drones Are Helping Farmers In Modesto Get A Leg Up

///Drones Are Helping Farmers In Modesto Get A Leg Up

Drones Are Helping Farmers In Modesto Get A Leg Up

The drone industry is growing fast. Very, very fast. One of the key areas of growth in the commercial drone industry is the farm/agriculture sector. Drone for Hire founder Thomas Davis wants to be the one who brings this technology to the farm. Mr. Davis feels drones are perfect way to optimize many farm related tasks, such as crop surveys. With drones, farmers can survey large areas of farmland in record time. Making them even more valuable is the fact that drones have many camera/sensor options. In a recent ABC news article, “Drone business picking speed with a startup in Modesto,” Davis highlights some key benefits of using drones for agricultural purposes.

“It allows farmers to survey large area of land in a very small amount of time,” Davis said.

Walking the field to examine the soil could take several days. Davis can capture the images he needs within hours.

“So, it gives them a first good visual of what they’re working with, if there are operational issue such as irrigation,” Davis said. “Perhaps there’s a disease in the crop.”

“A lot of people don’t realize that it’s more than just going up and taking a picture,” Davis said. “That picture has to be handled, there’s an operation to keep the aircraft in the air and well-maintained,”

Drone business picking speed with a startup in Modesto

Drone for Hire’s rates are just $7 an acre for farmers, which is very reasonable. Although the business is still new, it’s taking off and for Thomas Davis, it a dream come true.

If you are considering working within the drone GIS industry like Thomas Davis, remember regardless of the sector, if drones are being used commercially, a Section 333 Exemption is needed. Remember to get your Section 333 Exemption before commencing commercial operations.

To learn more about drones and GIS, please visit a UAV college like Drone Universities.

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