Drones as a Tool for Social Good

Drones as a Tool for Social Good

Can drones be used for social good? Can they be used as a tool to create a positive impact on society? Mashable author Matt Petronzio thinks they can, and he has come up with a list of nine ways.

When it comes to alleviating some of the world’s most pressing problems, perhaps we should look to the skies.

The word “drone” might inspire images of counterterrorism strikes and the future of package delivery. But quadcopters and other autonomous flying vehicles are revolutionizing the ways we tackle the biggest social and environmental issues of our time.

9 brilliant ways drones can help tackle the world’s biggest problems


  1. Humanitarian Aid
  2. Animal Science and Research
  3. Anti-poaching and Wildlife Crime Reduction
  4. Fighting Illegal Logging
  5. Medical Emergencies
  6. Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights
  7. Curbing Pollution
  8. Refugee Search and Rescue Missions
  9. Connecting the Developing World

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