Drones, Flying Flamethrowers And Flying Guns

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Drones, Flying Flamethrowers And Flying Guns

Austin Haughwout, Credit: YouTube

Austin Haughwout

Austin Haughwout and his quadcopter with a mounted semi-automatic pistol has been the subject of a number of my blog posts.

The quiet whirring of the drone’s propellers gives way to the sound of gunshots — pop, pop, pop, pop — in the 14-second video titled “Flying Gun.”

The YouTube video of a drone-mounted handgun firing rounds into the Connecticut woods — and a companion video of a flying flamethrower lighting up a spit-roasting Thanksgiving turkey — have reignited efforts by state legislators to make it a crime to weaponize an unmanned aerial vehicle.

“I am a huge Second Amendment supporter and it would make me very happy because I don’t see any, any civilian purpose for a flying gun,” said Clinton police Sgt. Jeremiah Dunn, whose department investigated the video.

Drone-Mounted Handgun, Flamethrower Reignite Lawmaker Debate

If you haven’t seen the videos in question yet, you can check them out here:

Flying Gun

Austin’s latest video has caught the attention of at least one State Reprensentative:

Rep. William Tong, D-Stamford, co-chairman of the Judiciary Committee, called Haughwout’s videos scary.

“I don’t know what he’s thinking about, but that’s just reckless on its face,” Tong said. “I get and I understand that kids do crazy things, but that also raises a question about how we ought to regulate these machines as they get ever more sophisticated, because they do have the potential to cause damage or infringe on the rights of others.”

Drone-Mounted Handgun, Flamethrower Reignite Lawmaker Debate

I’m gonna have to agree with State Representative William Tong and Sergeant Dunn on this one, this is both frightening and I really can’t see any valid use-case for a civilian drone that has been weaponized.

State Representative William Tong

State Representative William Tong

About State Representative William Tong

William Morten Tong serves as a member of the Connecticut House of Representatives. First elected in November 2006, he represents the 147th district, which includes parts of Stamford and New Canaan. Geographically the 147th is the largest district in Stamford, and includes Westover, North Stamford, Scofieldtown, as well as the western side of New Canaan.

Tong is the first Asian American to serve in the Connecticut General Assembly, and the first Asian American to be elected at the state level in Connecticut’s history. He is the Vice-Chairman of the Energy and Technology committee and serves on the General Law and Judiciary committees.

Tong was the first Connecticut legislator to endorse then-Senator Barack Obama for President.


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