Drones For Good: Sea Cleaning Drones

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Drones For Good: Sea Cleaning Drones

Ocean pollution is a real issue and as much as we prepare against them, oil spills happen. Hsu Sean put together this seafaring drone design that he hopes could help. Not only does his design work to clean the spill itself, he also includes a transmitter that uses high frequency acoustic waves to discourage wildlife from entering the zone being cleaned.

Bio-Cleaner 2010TIDC Finalist

The problem of ocean oil pollution is a serious threat to the natural environment and its wildlife that often proves too much for people to handle alone if not overlooked altogether. The Bio-Cleaner system is an autonomous solution that incorporates a variety of pollution fighting tools like biodegredating bacteria and acoustic alarms that aim to keep marine animals out of harms way while cleaning up the spill.

The system uses biosensor technology to track the flow of oil and follows the spill while simultaneously releasing bacteria to degrade the pollutant, thereby streamlining the cleanup process and preventing the pollution from spreading further. During the entire process, the device transmits high frequency acoustic waves that discourage fish and other animals from entering the polluted area.

Designer: Hsu Sean

Sea Cleaning Drones

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