Drones In Commercial Sectors

//Drones In Commercial Sectors

Drones In Commercial Sectors

I love articles like Michelle Corbet’s Memphis Business Journal article, “Drone technology flys into the commercial sector,” because they highlight the real flexibility drones have.

Unmanned aerial systems technology, more commonly known as drones, is soaring into more and more commercial uses from agriculture to insurance.

Cody Behles, manager of innovation and research support at the FedEx Institute of Technology, says the commercial operation of drones is growing rapidly with a lot of investment from a variety of sectors.

Like any emerging technology, it is only limited by the users ability to apply different uses, he says.

“Drones are basically platforms for engaging modular tools like sensors or cameras,” Behles said.

And they are bringing major benefits to the commercial sector such as risk mitigation, lower costs and technology-oriented jobs.

Drone technology flys into the commercial sector

My key takeaway from Michelle’s article is “Like any emerging technology, it is only limited by the users ability to apply different uses.”

While there are already many well known and well documented drone use cases, there are even more use cases yet to be discovered. What new drone use cases have gotten you excited?

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