Drones In The USA

///Drones In The USA

Drones In The USA

It’s become a sad fact, the US is slipping behind when it comes to drones. Navigating commercial drone regulations in the United States can be tricky, thanks largely to the FAA’s inability to create a drone friendly regulatory framework.

What countries are leaping ahead?

‘Sweden, Japan, France and the UK are leading the way when it comes to integrating drone technologies into their airspace.’ New Zealand, whose new drone regime starts on 1 August, is also regarded as a leader. Its rules take a rather different approach to those introduced elsewhere, as it makes no distinction between drones used for commercial and non-commercial reasons.

Top group of countries pull ahead on world drone rules

Hopefully this will change in the near future and the US will have an opportunity to grow into a global leader in the drone space. If there is a silver lining on this cloud at all, it would simply be the fact that it provides potential new drone operators with a window of time that can be used to complete drone training.

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