Drones Pros & Cons – Why Is It Worth It To Invest In New Aerial Technologies?

///Drones Pros & Cons – Why Is It Worth It To Invest In New Aerial Technologies?

Drones Pros & Cons – Why Is It Worth It To Invest In New Aerial Technologies?

It’s very hard to find someone who doesn’t know something about drones these days. They have gained maximum popularity in such a short amount of time, so one has to wonder, what are the pros and cons of having a drone?

Before we get started, it’s worth knowing that this list of pros and cons is solely for residential drones. Drones of military-grade and any other purpose will not be listed here in our pros and cons section.

The Pros of Getting a Drone

First, we will take a look at the pros of getting a drone, and why it’s worth it to invest in new aerial technologies as a whole. No doubt some of the pros will surprise you!

They Work With Smartphones

A lot of drones incorporate your smartphone and smart device into how a drone works. For example, DJI has some of the best Android controlled drones that replace the standard transmitter, which is a controller, with your smartphone instead.

Certain drone companies have applications that are designed for both Android and iOS devices. Some of these applications only store your recorded videos and taken photos, but others replace the standard transmitter with your smartphone.

They Give You a Photography Advantage

If you’re an avid photographer and have a ton of areas that you’d like to photograph, but can’t access those areas for whatever reason, drones are your saving grace. They literally go where humans cannot.

For example, you want an aerial shot of the local lake and the forest, but you weren’t born with wings. How are you going to do this? Not only can drones go where you can’t, but their cameras are usually pretty top of the line.

A lot of drones have 4K resolution cameras, which are pretty amazing considering they are strapped to pieces of flying plastic. Overall, they give your photography a serious advantage and can bring you to new heights that you never thought to be possible.

Endless Batteries

If you’re looking to fly your drone out on the field for a couple of hours, all you have to do is pack some extra batteries. Sure, drones have varied charge lives, with the best of the best typically spanning from 20 to 30 minutes, but you can have as many batteries as you want.

Depending on where you go and what drone you have, you can purchase multiple extra batteries to ensure that you can fly the drone for as long as you want. This is perfect for those who don’t want a 10-minute hurrah and would rather spend the entire day flying.

Some Have FPV Features

FPV means “First Person View”, which is an awesome feature that we are seeing in more drones than ever. This works through your smartphone and allows you to see what the camera on your drone is seeing.

This is perfect for people who live in hotter climates, because who wants to stand in the sun to see where your drone is going and get an enormous sunburn? Drones with FPV are literally the future.

FPV improves your flight experience, lets you fly better than before, and gives you an advantage where not crashing is concerned.

The Cons of Getting a Drone

Though drones are awesome pieces of hardware, there are a couple of downsides to them.

The Cost is Rising

For the best drone that money can buy, you’re going to be looking at hundreds of dollars that hit pretty close to a grand, if not much more. Unfortunately, the best drone tech comes at a great price.

With that said, buying a drone that is the top of its class is not something that should be done on a whim. It’s something that should have a lot of thought and time put into it to ensure that this is the right decision.

After all, why spend hundreds, if not a thousand or more, dollars on a drone without actually thinking about whether or not you need one?

Flying Can Be Risky and Difficult

If you’ve never flown a drone before, or have terrible hand-eye coordination, a professional drone may not be for you. Drones are not like dinky little RC Helicopters that take basic skills to fly, unless you’re investing a $30 toy drone.

Professional drones, however, take some skill and getting used to. They can be risky when a novice flier is at the controls and trying to figure out how everything works so they can get to the fun part.

The other risk factor comes in depending on where the drone is flying. For example, if a novice is flying a large, professional drone for the first time in their backyard, and you’re in yours next door mowing the lawn, this could be an issue, which leads us to our next point.

FAA Laws, Rules, and Regulations

If you want to invest in a drone, but have yet to hear about or even look at the laws, rules, and regulations set by the FAA, you’re going to want to slow down. There are quite a few of these that have been set by the FAA as of late.

This is because, as per usual, one person ruins it for everyone. Unfortunately, these laws and regulations must be followed to ensure that you avoid fines, removal of your drone, and even jail time.

For example, you must register your drone with the FAA if it weighs between 0.55 pounds, or 250 grams, and up to a maximum of 55 pounds, or 25 kg. Not meeting this criterion will result in the penalties that were previously stated in the paragraph above, so you must be extremely careful.

The Pros & Cons of Getting a Drone

While the cons may be enough to scare you, the pros should no doubt sway you into investing in a drone. After all, as long as you are careful, follow the rules, and don’t put yourself into debt while doing so, drones are amazing to have and furthering the human race in aerial technology.

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