Drones To The Rescue: Introducing Seven Lifesaving Drones

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Drones To The Rescue: Introducing Seven Lifesaving Drones

DroneX of dronephotographyinfo.com wrote a piece about seven life saving drones. Interestingly enough, there is a little cross over to an article I wrote titled “Lifesaving Drone Design Concepts From Frog Design.” Specifically item five on DroneX’s list is mentioned in my post.

Drones can help save lives in a variety of places. Here is a list of different problems with drone solutions.

  1. Real-time Disaster Area Mapping: “MEDAIR, a disaster relief organization, used drones to create maps of typhoon- devastated areas in the Philippines. MEDAIR, is an international relief agency, and is working together with Drone Adventures, a non-profit organization that promotes the humanitarian use of drones, has been using these UAV’s to take thousands of high-res images of different parts of the Philippines like Tacloban, Dulag and Julita – These are towns that were severely affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan.”
  2. Prevent Avalanches: “Mountain Drones is a company that understands what it means to think outside the box. Instead of using drones to help in rescue efforts after an avalanche (of course they help in this area too), why not try to mitigate avalanches altogether?” … “With our technology we seek to keep department of transportation operators as well as ski patrol operators out of harm’s way and keep them out of situations where they could be exposing themselves to bodily harm or positioning themselves on a dangerous mountain face. We’re utilizing our technology to keep humans out of harm’s way.”
  3. Restart a Heart: “With an aerial photography platform such as a drone that has a defibrillator attached to it you can reach victims in urban city areas much quicker, less than 5 min if they are stored for emergencies such as these in large city centers. They can be deployed from the fire department and arrive to assist the victims while emergency crews make their way through the city.”
  4. Deliver Medication: “After a deadly earthquake like the recent one in Nepal and or a hurricane like the one that hit the Philippines, it is inevitable that you will have no access to certain cities, towns and villages due to roadblocks or complete destruction altogether of these roads. To regain access for emergency vehicles to deliver medicine can take weeks, months and even years.” … “A squadron of 10 drones can get to 10 different towns to deliver much needed medication quickly and efficiently. Simple antibiotics and preventive medicine can help mitigate the spread of disease and infection that so often comes with major disasters. The delivery of medication using UAV’s to remote areas will likely save thousands of lives in the future.”
  5. Keep Cyclist Safe: “The Cyclodrone is a drone that can be configured to fly ahead of and behind a cyclist on roads to improve visibility and reduce the chances of being struck by a vehicle. The drone is paired to the rider’s mobile phone or smart watch and flies along a predetermined path programmed before the ride.”
  6. The Eye of the Storm: “The most advanced kind of storm hunter, drones are now providing exceptional information and updates to organizations such as NASA, Northrop Grumman, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to track the evolvement of storms as they form.”
  7. Our Furry Friends: “Organizations like the Bureau of Land Management, theUnited States Geological Service, and the Department of the Interior have been using drones for wildlife monitoring and land management. These operations are being used to track animal nesting patterns, migration and habitation which provide the data necessary to create charts and maps along the way to help protect the animals from planned or prospective deforestation.”

7 Amazing Ways Drones Save Lives, 7 is Awesome

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