Eagles In Turkey Used To Stop Drones

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Eagles In Turkey Used To Stop Drones

Juvenile Bonelli's Eagle, Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Juvenile Bonelli’s Eagle

More news on the anti-drone technology front and yet again, the solution to rogue drones is an “organic” one. Now, Turkey is using eagles to stop drones. Just like in Amsterdam, birds of prey in Turkey have proved to be adept at taking down DJI Phantom sized drones.

The threat of drones to civil aviation traffic has been rising in Turkey and the country may use eagles in a bid to ease this threat, according to officials.

“The main problem with drones was nobody knew who owned them. With a fresh international regulation, it has finally become a must for drones to be registered. At least we will know whose drones fly above us. The most effective method to ease this threat over civil aviation traffic is the use of eagles, which are quite good at catching drones. This method is now used in the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. We are evaluating this idea to implement at our airports as well,” said the head of the General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMİ), Serdar Hüseyin Yıldırım, on March 12.

Turkey plans to use eagles against drone threat to civil aviation

As has been brought up before, I believe there is a serious chance of injury to the birds.

Istanbul city tour Turkey, Credit: YouTube

Istanbul, Turkey

About Turkey

Turkey, officially the Republic of Turkey, is a parliamentary republic in Eurasia, largely located in Western Asia, with the smaller portion of Eastern Thrace in Southeast Europe. Turkey is bordered by eight countries: Syria and Iraq to the south; Iran, Armenia, and the Azerbaijani exclave of Nakhchivan to the east; Georgia to the northeast; Bulgaria to the northwest; and Greece to the west. The Black Sea is to the north, theMediterranean Sea to the south, and the Aegean Sea to the west. The Bosphorus, the Sea of Marmara, and the Dardanelles (which together form the Turkish Straits) demarcate the boundary between Thrace and Anatolia; they also separate Europe and Asia. Turkey’s location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia makes it a country of significant geo-strategic importance.

Turkey has been inhabited since the paleolithic age, including various ancient Anatolian civilizations, Aeolian, Dorian and Ionian Greeks, Thracians, Armenians, and Assyrians. After Alexander the Great’s conquest, the area was Hellenized, a process which continued under the Roman Empire and its transition into the Byzantine Empire. The Seljuk Turks began migrating into the area in the 11th century, starting the process of Turkification, which was greatly accelerated by the Seljuk victory over the Byzantines at the Battle of Manzikert in 1071. The Seljuk Sultanate of Rûm ruled Anatolia until the Mongol invasion in 1243, upon which it disintegrated into several small Turkish beyliks.

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