Earning $100k/Year As A Commercial Drone Operator

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Earning $100k/Year As A Commercial Drone Operator

Now when I talk about drone careers and their salaries, people may take it with a grain of salt because this blog is hosted by Drone Universities. However, when an unbiased, third party like Drone Futures reports about it, people listen. Regardless, of the source, the facts remain – the drone industry is growing fast and it will need trained drone operators.

In markets like China, they are already suffering from a lack of trained pilots. This means trained pilots are in high demand and earn a premium salary. Does this provide a possible indicator of things to come in our market?

If you’re already perfecting your UAV piloting skills, why not make $100.000 a year doing it? Piloting an aerial vehicle from the ground is an exciting hobby and its popularity is rapidly growing. The same hobby you are so enthusiastic about may as well turn into a full time, well-paying job. Some companies are already hiring drone pilots and drone engineers, and offering up to $50 per hour. Besides that, you can become a freelance drone pilot and work independently. Sounds attractive, right?

If this idea intrigues you, we’re about to share with you the basics of how to become a professional drone pilot. You’ll discover what skills are required to turn your hobby into a job, the minimum equipment you’ll need to get started, which certifications and licenses you should acquire, and where you can find work. Make no mistake, these are not positions for anyone; only those who have taken the necessary steps to qualify and achieve at the highest level. If you believe you are among the 100,000 or so who will be required, hang on!

Turn Your Amateur UAV Piloting into a Well-Paid Career

What does it take to turn your hobby into a career? Currently, the answer is education and certification, a SPL (Sport Pilot License) and Section 333 Exemption. Enroll in a drone college like Drone Universities, to learn not only industry specific drone operator skills but also drone laws and regulations. Upon completion of your drone college, you will receive certification or a diploma. Some schools, like Drone Universities, also offer training for your SPL (Sport Pilot License) and Section 333 Exemptions. Another unique feature of Drone Universities, qualifying graduates receive free Section 333 Exemption services.

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