Aerial ICELAND: Flight of the Drone —

Ryan Buchanan, Photographer

Ryan Buchanan, Photographer

I recently discovered Ryan Buchanan, a photographer from Austin, Texas who has a true passion for landscape photography. It’s this passion that has driven him to explore the world, capturing it in photographs. “His goal is to capture what he observes and how he feels at a unique moment in time, and translate it into a dynamic, ethereal two dimensional work of art.” Since Ryan is now using drones to capture some of his images, I wanted to highlight a video of his work.

“There are few words that can convey the feeling of standing alone on a mountaintop or isolated on some remote beach waiting for all of the elements to converge. For me, it’s the perfect escape and a creative challenge. Shooting landscapes allows me to fully appreciate the divine beauty around us, interpret it in my own creative way, and share it with the world.”

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The video, “Aerial Iceland: Flight of the Drone,” came from “The Drone—Aerial Footage” originally posted on