Extra Large Quadcopter Capable Of Autonomous Human Transport

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Extra Large Quadcopter Capable Of Autonomous Human Transport

Thorstin Crijns

Thorstin Crijns

Have you ever thought about super-sizing a DIY quadcopter design to push the weight carrying envelope? In your theoretical design, was it capable of carrying a full-sized, adult male?

Thorstin Crijns, a Dutch firmware engineer, didn’t just think about it, he built it and then subsequently took his first flight. Currently capable of 10 minutes of flight time using lithium batteries, his very large quadcopter design is powered by 20 motors and controlled by MultiWii. The frame was built using an aluminium alloy. Awesome.

Online retail giant Amazon hopes to offer delivery by drone in the United States by the end of 2016.

Now a Dutch software engineer is working on a quadcopter that he says will be able to deliver much more. Thorstin Crijns envisions a quadcopter that can transport passengers autonomously, without manual control.

“The main goal of this project is to create a system where passenger can sit in and automatically go to his desired location without manually driving it, so it should be done automatically. So imagine that the passenger sits here, enter destination on a touch screen and the drone will automatically take off and land there,” Crijns told Reuters.

“The biggest challenge is to make this entirely safe and entirely autonomous,” he added.

Dutch engineer develops autonomous quadcopter vehicle

To pursue UAS research and development, Thorstin Crijns has founded Quadro UAS. He provides more information about the motivation and goals behind his autonomous human transport project on his company’s website:

The reason for me starting this project is to create a fully autonomous quadcopter that can transport people without any human intervention. In order to be useful for the common public it should fly without requiring a human pilot.

Imagine a customer that calls the quadcopter, takes a seat and enters his desired destination. Without any human intervention the system will takeoff and arrive quickly at the given destination.

Autonomous human transport

I’d really be curious about a gasoline powered version of this craft. Power, of course, being a major issue.

Thorstin has collected up a set of his related videos into a playlist if you’d like to learn more by watching. I’ve also included the latest video which shows version 0.3:

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