FAA Delineates Federal, State and Local Oversight

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FAA Delineates Federal, State and Local Oversight

FAA LogoWhile the FAA is responsible for the regulatory framework that drones fall into, many of the rules and restrictions that govern drone flights come from federal, state and local authorities. To clarify things, the FAA recently issued a fact sheet.

The FAA issued a fact sheet outlining federal oversight of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)/drone operational safety and areas of law relating to UAS/drone operations that fall under state and local regulation. The fact sheet discusses state and local UAS-related laws for which consultation with the FAA is recommended, such as restrictions on flight altitude or flight paths, regulation of the navigable airspace, and mandating UAS-specific equipment or training, as well as state and local government authority to regulate drones, including law enforcement requirements to obtain a warrant prior to using UAS for surveillance, privacy-related prohibitions on the use of drones for voyeurism, prohibitions against using UAS for hunting, fishing, or harassing individuals engaged in those activities, and prohibitions on attaching firearms or other weapons to a UAS/drone.

Update on Significant DOT, FAA and Other Federal Agencies’ Aviation-Related Regulatory Actions

As a drone operator, it’s up to you to stay informed. You need to stay abreast of the latest laws, rules and regulations, and while the FAA is a great source of information, you now need to also be aware of your federal, state and local laws. A great example is the city of Poway, California; in Poway, it’s essentially illegal to fly drones. Yes, they have a city-wide ban. That means even though the FAA regulations may allow for drone flights, the city of Poway ordinances prevent it.

At Drone Universities, we pride ourselves on staying abreast of the very latest information available. We understand the importance of separating fact from fiction, and realize this is even more important in an industry that can often times be filled with confusing and misleading information. That’s why all of our teachers are always versed in the latest laws, rules and regulations and we make our staff available to our all of our students after graduation.

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