Fighting Renegade Drones With Cintel Powered Drone Swarms

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Fighting Renegade Drones With Cintel Powered Drone Swarms

As useful as drones are, there is a lot of potential for misuse. It’s this potential that is driving companies like Cintel to develop new counter drone technologies. Competition in the counter drone technology space is both fierce and diverse (we’ve seen everything from falcons to air cannons). Cintel believes the best way to stop a renegade drone is with a drone swarm.

Swarming unmanned aircraft systems could be a solution for spoofing or jamming enemy drones and solve the shot doctrine problem when exercising counter-UAS capabilities.

Cintel’s vice president of science & technology Mock Abdelaal said that his company’s solution would provide a non-kinetic “soft-kill” solution to countering cheap enemy drones. If an enemy drone moved into the web of the swarm, it would be spoofed causing it to freeze or return to its home base.

UAS systems and jamming solutions are vast and capable, he said. Spoofing capabilities are a bit harder to achieve, but Mexican drug cartels, for instance, have successfully spoofed Predator UAS running border security.

According to, one of the challenges in developing a swarming network of UAS equipped to spoof enemy drones is how do you prevent the spoofing or jamming of one’s own UAS and how can swarming UAS continue to function in a GPS-denied environment.

Cintel is working on a solution that uses video imagery collected on the UAS that coordinates with mapping data already loaded onto the platform. The video imagery collected in real-time will match up with the data to help it navigate when GPS is not an option, Abdelaal told Defense News.

Drone Swarms – Effective Counter-UAS Solution?

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