Fighting Rogue Drones One Eagle At A Time

///Fighting Rogue Drones One Eagle At A Time

Fighting Rogue Drones One Eagle At A Time

Dutch police woman regulates traffic at NSS, Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Dutch police woman regulates traffic at NSS, Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In “organic” anti-drone technology news, the Dutch National Police have decided that the most effective anti-drone option available to them is to train eagles to take down rogue drones.

No matter how many regulations are put in place, drones are cheap enough now that frequent misuse is becoming the norm. There’s no good way of dealing with a dangerous drone: you can jam its radios to force it to autoland, or maybe try using an even bigger drone to capture it inside a giant net. In either of these cases, however, you run the risk of having the drone go completely out of control, which is even more dangerous.

Or, you can be like the Dutch National Police, and train eagles to take down drones for you.

Dutch Police Training Eagles to Take Down Drones

Check out this video below (please note the video is in Dutch).

Politie zet roofvogels in om vijandige drones uit de lucht te halen

Since the video above was in Dutch, I found this interesting “uhm” translation from Evan Ackerman of IEEE Spectrum, “the Dutch police (like police everywhere) know that drones are going to become even more of a problem than they already are, so they’ve been testing ways of dealing with a drone in an emergency, like if a drone is preventing an air ambulance from landing. The police are looking into electronic solutions, but also physical ones, including both nets and trained eagles.”

This does raise a lot of safety issues for the birds, even though they are “birds of prey.” The Dutch National Police have replied to this concern through Reddit of all places.

In nature, birds of prey often overpower large and dangerous prey. Their talons have scales, which protect them, naturally, from their victims’ bites. Of course, we are continuously investigating any extra possible protective measures we can take in order to protect our birds.

The Dutch National Police has asked the Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) to research the possible impact on the birds’ claws. The results are not yet known. We are working closely with the Dutch National Police on the development of our services

Is it danger for the birds?

For some reason, I don’t think this solution would fly back here in the United States, no pun intended.

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