Full Helicopter Capabilities From A Large Helicopter Drone

///Full Helicopter Capabilities From A Large Helicopter Drone

Full Helicopter Capabilities From A Large Helicopter Drone

After I realized the Yanko Design blog included drone designs, I started browsing through the older designs and found some pretty interesting drones. Drones like the NEO S-300, a large helicopter design that offers “full helicopter capabilities with a minimal physical footprint.”

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, the NEO S-300 is the brainchild of the Swiss UAV team (now UMS Aero Group).

The KOAX X-240 has a coaxial rotor system allowing the vehicle to unleash full helicopter capabilities with a minimal physical footprint. Made with a fuselage designed for easy handling with a size small enough to fit in most larger automotive trunks. Carbon composite construction and multiple openings for easy maintenance and exchange of its modular mechanical and electrical components.

The unmanned helicopter NEO S-300’s body is based on that of a dolphin giving it a streamlined fusiform body. The nose has a payload area capable of carrying any of various electronics like camera, laser, or radar systems. Like the KOAX, the NEO has several removable lids offering easy access to the modular guts. Outer shell made of carbon composite for durability.

Swiss and Unmanned

As I mentioned, this is an older design, however the NEO S-300 looks like the predecessor to the much newer R-350. According to UMS AERO Group, “The R-350 sets the standard in VTOL RPAS. This ITAR-free Tactical Helicopter is unique in its class, in that it has a jet-turbine engine propulsion system.” I’m guessing the KOAX X-240 was a key evolutionary step for these designs.

I guess the question is, is this a large drone or a mini helicopter?

UMS Aero Group Logo

UMS Aero Group Logo

About UMS AERO Group (formerly Swiss UAV)

Headquartered in Switzerland, UMS AERO Group is a leading international corporation specialized in developing innovative flying robot technologies for fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.

Our high-tech company focuses on the production and distribution of small and medium sized Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) on a global scale.

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