“Future-proof” Modular Drones from France’s Lehmann Aviation

“Future-proof” Modular Drones from France’s Lehmann Aviation

Lehmann Aviation historically focused on higher-end drones, now they’ve course corrected and are launching a brand new line of “future-proof” modular drones. Why replace your entire drone when you can simply upgrade a single component?

Drone technology has changed rapidly over the past decade and France’s Lehmann Aviation is looking to help professional drone users future-proof their UAVs with what the company claims is the world’s first modular design in its latest line of drones.

In the past, Lehmann has offered higher-end UAVs designed with photography and mapping applications in mind, even for users with little flying experience. But the company’s new L-A series ups the ante with a line of drones designed for an array of field assignments, ranging from mapping to mining, construction and precision agriculture.

The new line of drones includes the base model LA500 and models outfitted specifically for use in agriculture and mapping. The autopilot, wing and camera holder on each model can be swapped out to upgrade as technology improves in the years to come, while detachable winglets are also designed to make the craft easier to transport.

Lehmann launches future-proof, modular drones for professionals

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About Lehmann Aviation

Lehmann Aviation Ltd (France), designs and manufactures professional civilian drones/UAVs since 2005. The company has two lines of UAVs: L-A series line of fully automatic drones designed for high precision mapping; construction/mining and precision agriculture; and L-M series line of both automatic and ground-controlled drones for long-range real-time surveillance.

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