Getting a Bird’s Eye View of Independence Day Fireworks

///Getting a Bird’s Eye View of Independence Day Fireworks

Getting a Bird’s Eye View of Independence Day Fireworks

This year, YouTube has been filled with fireworks videos from a different perspective. Thanks to drones, and a number of drone operators who are skirting local laws, we can now see our Fourth of July tradition from a brand new view.

Among the starbursts, strobes and other pyrotechnics of an Independence Day fireworks show, a new illumination can increasingly be spotted in the sky — the blinking red light of a drone as it captures spectacular footage from a bird’s eye view.

Fireworks drone videos have become a Fourth of July tradition as commonplace as backyard barbecues and three-legged races. YouTube is replete with dazzling footage as drones soar above, alongside or even through the fiery bursts.

The footage can be stunning and incredibly popular — one video shot in the middle of an unnamed city’s display has amassed more than 15 million views on YouTube— but like so much with drones, the rules governing this genre of filmmaking are nebulous.

Drones capture new view of 4th of July fireworks

I selected the following example of drone captured fireworks in 4K to share with you:

BEST DJI Drone FIREWORKS 4K footage ( You Have To See To Believe )

The BEST DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone Firework footage filmed in really have to see it to believe it! Took a 4th of July Trip home to spend some time with my family and droned the fireworks!

The drone footage shown above was captured by Erik Conover.

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