Getting Section 333 Compliant Now More Cost Effective

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Getting Section 333 Compliant Now More Cost Effective

Legally running a commercial drone business requires a Section 333 Exemption from the FAA. Today, that is your only option. If someone tells you differently, don’t believe them. The facts are freely available on the FAA website in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems area.

Historically, this has been an expensive and time consuming process, taking thousands of dollars and months of time because the FAA requires all Section 333 exempt drone operators to have a Sport Pilot Certificate.

Thanks to recent FAA changes, we are happy to announce reduced pricing for our LSA (Light-sport Aircraft) Certification. Now you can earn your Sport Pilot Certificate for only $5,000. Not only is our program more cost-effective, we’ve also streamlined it so you can earn your Section 333 Exemption compliant Sport Pilot Certificate in just weeks, instead of months.

IMG_0820, Ben Fitzgerald-O'Connor September 5, 2010LSA (Light-sport Aircraft) Certification is offered at our Northern California training facility. If you’d like to enroll, you can register on-line. A deposit of $2,500 is required.

If you’d like to learn more about our updated LSA (Light-sport Aircraft) Certification then feel free to contact us.


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