Hobbyist: When Should You Consider Drone Specific Insurance?

//Hobbyist: When Should You Consider Drone Specific Insurance?

Hobbyist: When Should You Consider Drone Specific Insurance?

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It’s clear if you are a commercial drone operator with a Section 333 Exemption that insurance is necessary, but it becomes a little less clear when you consider the hobbyist. If you are a hobbyist drone operator do you need insurance? The short answer, in my opinion, is “yes.” Your typical general purpose homeowner’s insurance looks at a drone crash similar the same way they look at a dog attack. With more and more rotorcraft and fixed wing drones buzzing around, is that enough coverage? Some insurance companies don’t believe so and they are re-thinking and expanding their drone policies.

“Homeowner’s insurance has always covered radio controlled aircraft and so far, drones are falling under this classification,” Skyward CEO Jonathan Evans told Dronelife. “But underwriters are beginning to rethink this policy.”

It’s a smart move to at least contact an aerial insurance broker like Hill and Usher or Unmanned Risk Management, the largest underwriter of aviation insurance in the world. Did you know a commercial insurance policy for a DJI Phantom covering liability up to $1 million and hull damage up to $1,500 can run you as little as $1,350 a year? Thats $1,350 well spent.

“UAV insurance is a natural extension of manned aircraft insurance that goes back decades,” Said Terry Miller, owner of Transport Risk Management. “By and large, we have the same policy for drones as we do helicopters, it’s just tweaked a little for drones.”

If you’d like to one day either become professional or just save money on insurance rates consider this…

“We want to see people who want to train or have been trained… people who want to become better fliers,” Miller said. “We want them to have operating manuals, maintenance logs -incidentally, we see a drop in the rate of lost drones for people who have these in place- and a record of any parts or add-ons they may have bought online. In other words, we require them to jump through some hoops.”

Do You Need Drone Insurance?

Education and savings, that’s a win-win for everyone, including the general public. So along with looking into a good aerial insurance carrier, it’s worthwhile to seek professional training from a drone college such as droneuniversities.com.  


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