Holiday Drone Shopping: What’s On Your List?

//Holiday Drone Shopping: What’s On Your List?

Holiday Drone Shopping: What’s On Your List?

Wired magazine recently released a drone gift guide titled “Gift Guide: 11 Drones for All Types of Pilots,” which was organized by pilot type. Two things I found interesting. First, the list seems to heavily favor Parrot (they make up about 36% of the list, compared to DJI at just 9%). Second, 3DR didn’t even make their list.

Here are the drones that did:

  1. For Rookies and Kids” they recommended Parrot’s Airborne Night Mini Drone
  2. For Backyard Seafarers” they picked Parrot’s Hydrofoil Drone
  3. For Owners of Adventurous Pets” they recommended another Parrot Drone, the Jumping Night Drone
  4. For Hackers and Drone Warriors” they suggested the Action Sports DIY Kit (currently taking pre-orders)
  5. For Experienced Step-up Pilots” they recommended Parrot’s Bebop 2
  6. For Experienced Drone Racers” they picked TBS Gemini hexacopter
  7. For Autopilot Aficionados” the Lily Camera was Wired’s choice (currently taking pre-orders)
  8. For Surfers, Wakeboarders, and Lifeguards” was the Splash Drone from Splash Drone
  9. For Experienced Videographers” they recommended the Yuneec Typhoon 4K
  10. Also For Experienced Videographers” (thankfully) they included the DJI Phantom 3 Professional on their list
  11. For Experienced But Indecisive Pilots” the recommended the xCraft XPlusOne

If you are still unsure which drone to purchase for your loved one, why not consider giving them a free DJI Phantom 2 v2? (It’s hard to beat the price.)

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