How Do You Defend Against Rogue Drones?

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How Do You Defend Against Rogue Drones?

The potential for drone technology to be misused is real. We’ve already seen multiple examples of weaponized consumer drones, which begs the question, “how do we defend against rogue drones?” Thankfully this is a problem that more than one company is attempting to solve.

UK-based OpenWorks Engineering believes they have the solution with their SkyWall gun.

Nearly every month a new, more advanced drone seems to pop up showing off new designs and performance features.

Similarly, security companies are attempting to keep up with those advances with drone-stopping countermeasures, the latest being the SkyWall.

UK-based OpenWorks Engineering is offering the device — which looks like a gun from a flashforward scene in Terminator 2 — as a means to neutralize drones that spy on celebrities, compromise the security of government officials and are used to transport illegal contraband.

SkyWall gun stops drones dead, then gives a parachute landing

So what exactly is the SkyWall?

According to Northumberland-based startup OpenWorks Engineering, it’s an air-powered net launcher that fires small anti-drone projectiles.

The SkyWall is a new shoulder-mounted compressed-air launcher that fires shells containing a net and parachute to capture and bring a drone back to the ground without damaging it.

Startup pitches anti-drone launcher as answer to rogue UAVs

Want to see the SkyWall in action?

In simple terms, the SkyWall attempts to snare the rogue drone in a net, then safely bring the captured drone down using a parachute. Pretty clever solution, but I wonder how accurate the system is in real world conditions and how well it works against fast moving drones.

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