I Just Received My Brand New DJI Spark

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I Just Received My Brand New DJI Spark

My Bengal, Apollo, really enjoyed the delivery too, but mostly just the box.

My Bengal, Apollo, really enjoyed the DJI Spark delivery too, but mostly just the box.

So I broke down folks and purchased a DJI Spark. Largely because even without all of it’s shortcomings, for what it is designed for, it’s a great piece of technology in a very compact form factor. My significant other is super excited about the new Instagram shots she will be able to capture and I can’t wait to take it with me on it’s first bi-coastal trip as I head back to Southern California from the DC area in just a couple of weeks.

If you are interested in purchasing one, then I highly recommend Amazon (and not just because we make a

[very] small commission on each sale) as my retailer of choice.

Why? Two words: Speed and Availability.

While they do require you have Amazon Prime, Amazon is currently offering a free month so it’s $0 out of pocket and you get the value of Prime for a month, even if you opt to cancel immediately. Luckily for me, I’m already a subscriber, so I could skip that step.

As an Amazon Prime subscriber you are then able to order the DJI Spark, I went with the Go Fly More combo (great value) and you can literally get next day delivery. As proof, I ordered my DJI Spark late Wednesday and I received my new drone Thursday afternoon. Thank you Bezos!

An additional footnote, I did just order an additional (third) battery because there is room in the hard case for it and it gives me an additional 16 minutes or so of flight time. For the ~$49.99, it’s totally worth it in my opinion. I’m may even swap out my case, but I’m not sure, I need to live with the DJI one for a before I can make that decision.

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